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Huateng nurture agreed to select layer listing motion: the price is not less than 8 yuan shares

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On August 3, capital state learned that Huateng nurturing (834845. OC) intends to apply for the share transfer system of China's small and medium-sized enterprises to publicly issue shares to non-specific qualified investors and list on the selected level. On July 29, 2020, the company held the 12th meeting of the second board of directors, deliberated and agreed on the \ The detailed plan of

is as follows:

1. The types of stocks issued this time: RMB light stocks.

The par value of the shares issued this time: the par value of each share is RMB 1.00.

(0} 3. The number of shares to be issued this time: it is planned to purchase no more than 6 million shares from non-specific qualified investors, and the proportion of shares held by public and multi shareholders after the public offering is no less than 25% of the total share capital of the company.

4. The object of this issue: the qualified investors who have opened the business authority of the stock selection layer of the stock transfer system in accordance with the provisions of the \ Price: not less than RMB 8 / share.

Pricing means: the company and the lead underwriter independently discuss direct pricing, online bidding or offline inquiry of qualified investors to determine the delivery price.

7. Purpose of the raised funds: after deducting the relevant expenses, the raised funds will be used for R & D of central construction projects.

(0} 8. Place of business: after the completion of the public offering, the company's shares will be listed for business at the selective level of the national stock transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises.

(0} 9. The distribution plan of rolling stock and receiving well before the issuance: the undistributed stock accumulated before the listing of the selected layer of the company will be shared by the old shareholders of the company before the issuance and the newly added shareholders of the company after the completion of the issuance according to their shareholding ratio.

10. Validity period of this issuance resolution: the relevant resolution issued this time shall be valid within the first 12 months of the date of deliberation and agreement by the general meeting of shareholders.

after the public offering is improved, Huateng nurturing stock will be listed for business in the selected layer.

Huateng nurturing was listed on the new third board on December 23, 2015, always focusing on the construction of \

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